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Tarmac Restoration

Let Hydro-Drive bring your tarmac driveway back to life today!

Tarmac Restoration BeforeTarmac Restoration After

When first laid down, tarmac can look great and provide a good looking driveway for many years. However as with other types of driveway this surface is not entirely maintenance free.

Over time the asphalt binder that holds the aggregate together begins to oxidise under UV rays turning the asphalt from a rich black to a brown and grey colour. Next it starts to weather, losing its binding properties, which allows moisture and oil to penetrate causing further damage and deterioration of the asphalt.

When a tarmac surface appears grey and shows sign of drying out then it's time for the tarmac surface to sealed with a commercial grade tarmac sealer to rejuvenate and protect the tarmac surface from the elements.

Hydro-Drive will clean and seal your tarmac surface using a commercial grade tarmac sealer. Hydro-Drive is proud to be the only company in the UK to use a specially formulated sealer that is manufactured in America where over 2 million gallons are applied in both domestic and commercial applications each year.



What our customers say...

..."Very friendly team, very helpful, excellent results" - Mr O'Connell. Bedfordshire...

..."Very satisfied. Will use the Hydro-Drive team again" - Mrs Sandhu. Goffs Oak.

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